The Ranch:

It’s raining. It started around 3am and is now just fizzling out at 6am. It wasn’t much, but exciting nonetheless. I had to keep going into the back yard to check on it. It won’t have filled the tanks much, but at least it will give a couple of days off from outdoor watering.

The ranch remains heavenly, as the musky valerian scent fills the air and everything grows well. The realisation dawns that my 1.5 acres is just about right for me to manage single-handedly on a full-time basis. The current UK life expectancy is 81.52 years. We can ‘retire’ at 67, having worked for 50 years to hopefully enjoy 14 years. Gormless ranch pottering isn’t exactly something that you retire from.

I’m in the middle of 2 weeks annual leave and I’ve already completed one big project – a ramp from the track into the field and the beginnings of a road. It’s full-on heavy labour: humping heavy stones; digging out the track with a crowbar and mixing concrete by hand. That’s right. If there’s a hard way of doing something, I’ll find it. It’s false economy not being able to drive a vehicle onto the field in all weathers. Despite the current drought, it’s often prohibitively muddy up there.

concrete and stone ramp


I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the courgette, cucumber and tomato plants that I’ve grown and am too lazy to try and sell. There must be around a hundred in total and they’re all high demand in terms of watering and feeding. Healthy organic plants, bred for small Northern gardens anyone?

I’ve harvested my first peas and courgettes. I pulled up the autumn onions and garlic which are pathetically scrawny, but Mersley White and Provence White have done OK.

Never has my maxim Just me and the trees been truer. I’m trying to create a magical world up there for our close circle of friends, family and non-dicks. Its philosophy becomes boundingly more relevant day by day as the external madness increases.

Coincidentally, the ranch would make a perfect mini school. The lean-to is the perfect little classroom in all weathers (light the stove and wear more clothes in winter). The field and its hedges and orchard make the perfect playground. School dinners would be so ever right-on, and no-one would make the sweet children wear a SFM or worse still jab them with an untested compound.

VW split screen



I don’t know why, but I’ve re-found the simple joy of repairing old vehicles. It’s a great cure for grumpiness. I’ve prevaricated for so long about selling the van but now the doubt is gone. Where’s that part for your BMW? Oops it stuck in a container in a port somewhere. I can fix my van anywhere with a handful of tools.

Sam said ‘Keep it so I can have it when you die. I’ll help you do it’. (I’m waiting).

I’m tackling the double-carbs. The truth is that ICT 34s are NEVER jetted correctly straight out of the box. They’re designed for Bedford vans ffs.

I’ve also serviced and restored the brakes on a 1954 tractor. Neat. I need to nail bodywork repair next.

Twin-carb action


Duties of a doctor?

Wikipedia says that:

‘The General Medical Council (GMC) is a public body that maintains the official register of medical practitioners within the United Kingdom. Its chief responsibility is to “protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public” by controlling entry to the register, and suspending or removing members when necessary. It also sets the standards for medical schools in the UK. Membership of the register confers substantial privileges under Part VI of the Medical Act 1983. It is a criminal offence to make a false claim of membership. The GMC is supported by fees paid by its members, and it became a registered charity in 2001.

Privately, a lot of doctors have disdain for the GMC over their treatment of a number of colleagues.

Their Duties of a doctor amongst other things states:

Patients must be able to trust doctors with their lives and health.  To justify that trust you must show respect for human life and make sure your practice meets the standards expected of you in four domains.

You are personally accountable for your professional practice and must always be prepared to justify your decisions and actions.’

In last week’s blog, I looked at several aspects of the govt’s handling of the pandemic, prompted in part, by what I consider to be the crime of vaccinating children against C19. Some people go on demos. Some write letters. Some speak out via social media. My thing is observing and writing about it, starting from my little nature reserve, and moving outwards. I’m so glad that I wrote the book before the pandemic came. I found my style and I’m sticking with it. I confess that I still haven’t mastered brackets and apostrophes, despite being told several times by my brother.

1954 Ferguson tractor brake overhaul


Firstly, I have to say that I’m sick of people referring to C19 as a flu-like illness and that there’s no pandemic. Flu never killed over 850 health-care workers. Yes, it’s mild in the majority of cases, but in many it’s not and there’s a whole array of long-term side-effects, affecting every body system.

I experienced my first taste of censorship via Every Doctor, a doctors’ organisation that holds the govt to account through legal action. Although I don’t agree with everything they do, I supported them because I like the idea of doctors who have the guts to speak out when something is wrong. I routinely share my blogs on there and they removed last week’s. The truth is getting very uncomfortable. Of course, I left immediately and got the chance to use one of my favourite phrases ‘bourgeois gutlessness’ in action for the first time. Still, I wish them well.

Woodblock image from the book


There have been developments on just about every point that I made last week.

I won’t cover them all, but here are some:

Innate and infection-acquired immunity provide good protection

There’s increasing recognition of the value of innate and infection acquired immunity vs vaccine immunity, which is something I’ve banged on about since the beginning.

This week the govt and PHE data tells us that up to June 14th 806 were hospitalised, 84 of whom were double-jabbed. That’s more than 10% immune escape. I can also report that several young healthcare workers, who never caught C19 before the vaccine, and who are double jabbed, are off sick at home having caught C19. This is something that I haven’s seen mentioned anywhere else. The obvious narrative is that ‘Ah yes you’ve got it, but the vaccine will protect you from severe illness’. I very much hope that it does, but it somehow just doesn’t add up. How come they didn’t catch it before the vaccine when they were exposed to high viral loads?

Ivermectin and vitamin D are very effective treatments

A Cochrane-standard review and meta-analysis of ivermectin is now peer-reviewed and published. A study by professor Eli Schwartz from the Sheba Medical Center in Israel is the most recent addition.

I say again that the evidence is overwhelming. Please medical people research it for yourselves. Deaths and hospital admissions in India, Mexico and several other countries have plummeted since its introduction.

Censorship is panoramic

More and more eminent clinicians and scientists are being blocked and banned from the major social and mainstream media networks for presenting science-backed evidence that contradicts the mainstream narrative.

Once you realise that, you’re in an unregulated internet minefield. I’m sticking to my 20 year rule. I only listen to info from bona fide high-calibre clinicians and scientists with at least 20 years’ experience in their field at a prestigious institution. E.g. Professor Roger Hodkinson (retired pathologist); Dr Peter McCulloch (American cardiologist); Dr Pierre Kory  (American intensivist). Dr Tess Lawrie (author of above-mentioned meta-analysis); Professor Martin Kulldorff (professor of medicine at Harvard medical school).  These people have all been widely slated and censored in the MSM.

Please consider sharing/retweeting/subscribing – people have the right to know what’s happening out there.

Side-effects are under-reported

This video amalgamates all the adverse effect data from the US and Europe. 1332 deaths in the UK reported up to the 9th June. There are certainly many more unreported. Does no-one else find this utterly abhorrent and terrifying?

4 BA pilots have died after the vaccine. BA deny any link. I thought pathologists and coroners determined cause of death, not airlines.

Vaccinating children is a serious crime against humanity.

A recent longitudinal study compared the CT brain scans of people (adults) who had had symptomatic Covid, to CT scans that they’d had previously for other reasons.

‘We identified significant effects of COVID-19 in the brain with a loss of grey matter in the left parahippocampal gyrus, the left lateral orbitofrontal cortex and the left insula. When looking over the entire cortical surface, these results extended to the anterior cingulate cortex, supramarginal gyrus and temporal pole.’

Sadly, there are now eminent clinicians quoting this paper as an excuse to vaccinate children in order to protect them against long-term side effects.

Italy restricted the use of the AZ vaccine to the over 60s after the death of 18 year old Camilla Canepa. Denmark has banned it altogether and other countries have restricted its use.

Is it not logical then to extrapolate that there will be deaths in children from the vaccine? If it happens, it will be pre-meditated and there’s a name for that kind of killing. I am struggling with a profession that advocates it.

In this covertly filmed clip of Matt Hancock talking about vaccination in children, at 35 seconds, he clearly says ‘but I think that there’s a very strong argument for moving to compulsory vaccination’. I wouldn’t be surprised if it disappears off the internet soon.

Asymptomatic spread plays little part in transmission

I didn’t mention this one last week. Here’s Dr Fauci spelling it out

And here’s Dr Maria Van Kerkhave, WHO technical lead for C19 spelling it out. 

In summary then, where do we doctors stand in the context of Duties of a Doctor in the knowledge that there are treatments that could have vastly reduced mortality and morbidity? Where do we stand relating to the number of deaths and adverse affects following the vaccine? To me it’s simple. We either speak out, or we are complicit.

Woodblock illustration from the book


Rock & Roll:

The muse has truly bolted at the moment, but Sam and I still listen to music. We have the idea to write a Northern soul style hit for Dawn to sing. He’s already come up with some lyrics and a riff.

I like old Hofner basses and they’re the only ones that I have (good enough for The Beatles – the original violin bass was made by Gibson btw – the Hofner was just a more affordable copy). A few times, Elias and Sam have suggested that I buy ‘a decent’ bass. I know how their minds work. I’ve seen it before. They’re thinking that I can spend shit-tons of cash on a posh bass for them to use. I do believe in good equipment though. The drum kit moved things up a notch and you can’t beat an impeccable guitar. What’s the best bass anyone? The one that’s been used on the most recordings? Here’s the time we recorded Betty Wright’s Shoorah Shoorah.



Other news is that food shortages are coming soon to the UK, due in a large part to lorry driver shortages – it’s all in this vid

Ordinary people are struggling to buy houses, because hedge funds and banks are buying them up in bulk, offering way over the asking price to shove out local buyers.

The poor and vulnerable have suffered proportionally much more than the rich during the pandemic. Check this Harvard study. 

Dido Harding is tipped to be the next NHS lead. Her husband, Tory MP John Penrose, is a member of the advisory board of the 1828 think tank, which openly advocates the privatisation of the NHS.

Is all this stuff somehow linked?

With all this annual leave, I’m getting too podgy for my liking. Next week, I’m going to try eat healthy and lose 1.5kg.

It’s farter’s day and there’s 7 days’ worth of horse muck to shift from the midden. Any takers? Thought not.