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Duck weed and walnuts

The four-foot-deep well in the main allotment is completely dry for the first time since I dug it many years ago. It's a barometer for the water table - the level always drops during dry spells. If my observations are correct, it's dryer now than [...]

2020-05-25T07:03:19+01:005:11 pm|0 Comments

Hey app! Sense and censorship.

I've been slowly levelling off an area next to the greenhouse in anticipation of a poly-tunnel, by emptying wheelbarrow loads of turf and clay onto it every time I do some digging. Digging is good for me. It helps keep me thin. On [...]

2020-05-11T17:56:00+01:004:28 pm|0 Comments

Forty days

Phew. Grey clouds spill heavy rain, heralding the return to baseline North-westness. The ground sighs relief, marking the end of a heady run of weeks of exquisite spring sunshine and coincidentally 40 days of living alone and keeping myself to myself. I'm addicted to the [...]

2020-05-11T08:33:47+01:008:27 pm|3 Comments

Missing my family

  A lot of my friends and colleagues have lost access to the things that mentally help charge their batteries - Neill can't go swimming (he who swam the channel!), so I'm feeling enormously grateful for having the ranch. Nothing has changed except the emphasis. [...]

2020-04-13T22:26:35+01:0012:41 pm|3 Comments

The best, the worst. Corvus corone!

I'm sitting in the green plastic chair, capturing a transient moment of March sunshine. A bee lands close by on a blade of grass. She is practically motionless apart from gentle prayer-like movements of her front legs. Her back is striped-brown but her [...]

2020-05-02T23:44:34+01:0012:01 pm|2 Comments

Digging trenches

The primroses, in their exquisite pastel yellows are out on the shady lane, which leads past the ancient 17th century farms, down to the ranch. The grim realisation dawned a week last Friday that NOTHING, or at least hardly anything will ever be [...]

2020-04-13T22:25:00+01:005:30 pm|0 Comments