I have an impressive 4cm double-furrowed cut across the top of my forehead, courtesy of barbed wire – an inevitable injury from the extensive annual hedge-pruning. It’s almost done now thanks largely to Dave and Lisa. I just have a couple of bits to finish before it all catapults into growth. There’s a resulting mountain of clippings and I’m seriously thinking of buying a wood-chipper and building that compost-making machine that I designed yonks ago.

I’m on the ranch and it’s fine and breezy. I’m writing at the laptop. I’ve just had a cup of coffee and Cerys is on the radio – all hunky-dory.

It’s been a funny old time. February was shit. Bleak wet wet wet, windy, muddy and generally grim. As above so below. After a slip on a wet flag, I found myself as 24 hour personal physician and attendant to someone special. The first week was tough but I embraced domesticity wholeheartedly. Life centred around the stove in the kitchen (it still does). I did most of the cooking on it and it provided all the hot water thanks to the two kettles. Immediate family helped which is exactly how we wanted it.

I became an OK cook overnight and I’ve mastered zero-effort sour-dough bread. No kneading. No stretching. No mess. Just mix the ingredients the night before and dollop into a casserole dish lined with grease-proof paper. Leave it to rise overnight and bang it in the oven – far simpler than all those online vids. It’s delicious and makes magnificent toast. I ought to do my own video on it: Cook with Kenton Dunt.

SBAC writing set-up


When people say that spring is in the air, I think they might be right. I think that the earth and the plants actually release something that makes you feel better. I laughed at the Brian gratitude video but joking aside I’ve never felt more grateful for friends and family and this magical place. I so wanted to go back to medicine but I was too tied up – the NHS was fantastic when we needed them. I know their resources are so stretched and a lot of people aren’t getting the care that they need. I feel like I should be contributing again. 

I bumped into one of my old colleagues when we were at fracture clinic. I told him I wanted to go back. He wagged his finger at me saying ‘No, no, no Steve. You have interests – writing and music. You’ve done your bit.’ Could he be right? There’s always that voice inside my head saying ‘Cunts like you don’t deserve to be happy doing what you love’.

Mid-March means that it’s more or less safe to plant seeds under fleece in the greenhouse and protect them from frost. We already have several trays on the go. I’ve bought loads of medicinal plant seeds. That’s the area of medicine that always interested me most. I cut my finger yesterday. As ever, I put scrunched up Selfheal leaves on it and now it’s better. Could there be something in that Terrain versus germ theory?

I finished the drains and foundations in the lean-to and decided to do what I should have done yonks ago and buy a trailer and start buying aggregate in tonne bags at a fraction of the cost of 25kg bags. We’ve had some lovely sunny dry weather which means that the solar panels are working again and I can charge batteries.

Andy and Bulli have got the footings finished for the new greenhouse. Bulli is from Bosnia and his accounts of the war there and the traditional farming methods are fascinating. He described how during the war, everyone in his village slept in the woods at night. Despite the forthcoming hardships, we’re a hell of a lot better in Britain than many other places.

Hundreds of self-saved tomato seeds are germinating on the warm kitchen window sills and the chillies in the heated propagator are thriving.

As hyper-inflation soars beneath our noses, self-saved seed transcends the rat race. Finally, food grown in the harsh local environment will overtake supermarkets in value, as I always said it would.

The bees have survived the winter and are out and about on sunny days.

As ever, I’m trying to invest in the infrastructure before money in the bank loses all value. Windmills, more solar, another greenhouse and so on.

I’m gearing up to tap into the muck mountain next door and double production. In case no-one noticed, we’re heading for a 30s style financial crash and depression.

I ordered a load of steel (because that will double in price too) – the ability to make stuff using welding is a form of revolutionary freedom. I tidied the barn and wood store – exciting stuff.

Lest I forget, everything that happens in this secret garden, dictated 100% by nature is 100% truth – no bullshit. All life’s lessons are here. I’m less fond of my own company than I used to be. I like it when other misfits turn up.

Sourdough smartarse



I’m not the only one developing an irascible impatience with people who don’t see what’s happening under their noses.

The biggest crime in Western history has taken place and what’s more its details are published and freely available to all.

I’ve been pointing out the facts of what’s actually happening since the beginning and so far, apart from the timescale, I’ve been largely correct. I pointed out Pfizer’s terrible history of corruption and fraud. I pointed out the fact that the original NEJM paper that facilitated the Emergency Use Authorisation of their mRNA jab (never used on a human population before) was deeply flawed.

Pfizer tried to hide the trial data for 75 years, but in an astonishing coup for truth, a bunch of canny American lawyers got it overturned via a freedom of information request. A load of the trial data was released which shows the true extent of the horror that people like me have been trying to point out for ages. 1223 people died after receiving the vaccine and over 40000 suffered adverse effects – John Campbell is waking up and he’s done a good vid on it here. They’re still censoring the numbers vaccinated, so we can’t work out the percentages. No medicine on earth would ever get approval with those horrific deaths and adverse events. Governments knew all this and went ahead and poisoned millions with it. The spike protein resides all over the body and will lead to millions of delayed deaths. Are they trying to cull us or something? How come those trained and examined in critical thinking aren’t now holding up their hands and apologising?

Fauci and co, via the American NIH, had long-standing contacts with the Wuhan lab way before the pandemic. ‘Gain of function’ in some instances can refer to the use of micro-organisms for the benefit of human health, but by and large, it’s a cosy term for biological warfare. The C19 virus was deliberately manufactured and released from the Wuhan lab. It initially caused a bi-phasic illness which did indeed kill a lot of people. The first phase was flu-like, which in the majority of those infected was relatively mild and self-limiting. The second phase was in fact a hypersensitivity reaction (=allergic) which, in the most vulnerable – in particular those with sub-optimal vitamin D deficiency levels, caused a devastating deterioration. A few canny doctors observed this early on and came up with highly effective treatment regimes, with success rates approaching 100%. Dr Shankara Chetty in South Africa is just one. He used old-fashioned history and examination principles to arrive at his conclusions and has had nearing 100% success rate, with no deaths. These treatment regimes were blanket censored by the MSM, because they were cheap and effective and destroyed the insane jab narrative.

New moon


As a result of the Pfizer data release, a bloody revolution has taken place. There are heads on spikes in London. Mobs of incensed people roam the streets, targeting government buildings and anyone they think might be involved in administering the vaccine. The internet is down and hundreds of NATO troops have flown in trying to quash the rebellion. Except it’s not – fuck all has happened. Apart from those of us who know what’s happening, it’s business as usual. Our lives and livelihoods are being destroyed under our noses as fuel and energy costs alone outstrip the majority of peoples’ incomes. You do know what’s coming next don’t you? They will blame it all on Russia and the worst thing of all is that droves of morons will believe them. They will use the war to take away even more of our freedoms.

Fortunately the pandemic ended on the 24th Feb – just like that – maagic! Phew what a relief. World war 3 started instead and suddenly the 99% of the population who would never have previously have recognised a Ukrainian flag have it emblazoned on all their profiles.

I can speak with authority about science and medicine but I admit I know fuck all about the politics of Ukraine. I do know where to look though and who to listen to.

Ukraine has been taken over by American-led Western interest over the last 10 years and its vast resources are being bled by robber barons. Joe Biden’s son Hunter is alleged to have made millions from his involvement in Ukranian energy company Burismo Holdings.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is immensely complex and goes back centuries. In terms of the current situation, the last 10 years are the most prescient – in particular the war which began in 2014 following a coup and the installation of an ultra-right-wing puppet government. The Russian invasion is an escalation of that war.


Hedge clippings


There’s no doubt that innocent civilians are suffering on both sides but what about the MILLIONS of civilians destroyed by UK, USA and European manufactured arms? Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine and many more? Shall we crowd-fund and send them all a first aid kit? The situation in Afghanistan is beyond horror. People are selling their kidneys and children. Under-age forced marriage has gone up 500%. How come we aren’t screaming from the rooftops and pooling our resources to help them? It’s not because their skin is darker than ours and they’re far away is it?

Ukrainians are white and good-looking. They’re like us (apart from less chavs and fat cunts). This is war in Europe so it’s different (just like Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo was).

Of course we should support innocent civilians trapped in conflict everywhere in the world. There’s no doubt that Putin is a despot but there are so many more hidden in sheep’s clothing. The real criminals are the cabal who orchestrate perpetual war for profit and guess what, they’re the same ones who orchestrated mass vaccination hence the sudden change in narrative on Thursday 24th February 2022. What’s 100% certain is that what we’re hearing via the same MSM that lied to us throughout the pandemic is not the truth. It’s particularly disturbing that people who saw through the former, are falling for the latter.


Tomato seedlings


SBAC business?

It was Mog’s birthday last week and I popped round with a card. It wasn’t possible to buy a sufficiently inappropriate offensive one, so I had to make my own. I did a sketch of me on the front wagging a finger with the caption THE DOCTOR SAYS … STOP! Of course the inside was my favourite SBAC punchline. It made her laugh, but it made Emily hoot hysterically. I met Emily once before when she came to the ranch with Mog. She was somehow a catalyst for a deteriorating smutty vulgar conversation inspired by the veg growing in the field. This time she was up for Mog’s birthday and a similar thing happened.

We started taking the piss out of those online hynotherapy things ‘stop smoking, stop drinking’ etc, by talking in daft voices. In a trice, we had composed a ‘How to stop being a cunt’ hypnotherapy tape. There are those who detest the C word and never use it and there are those who embrace its nutty poetry and use it appropriately at every given opportunity. Guess which category we’re in? I’ve often thought of starting an online business selling SBAC cards, mugs, underwear, oven gloves etc. I bet it’s already been done.

The doctor says STOP!



Many times I’ve documented the adventures of my 1965 split-screen van which are considerable. I’d recently decided to keep, it based on the premise that there may be an advantage in having an easy-to-maintain petrol vehicle in approaching times. I drove it onto the ranch with a view to starting the restoration, but the day after, I looked at it and realised the huge expense of doing all the body work and I decided to sell it again.

The morning after, I got in my trusty Smithymobile (an AWD Volvo XC70) and the clutch pedal went to the floor. Oops bad news – an expensive job. I went and brought the van back. There’s no doubt it’s a beautiful thing to drive. I’m not selling it yet – it’s back on ranch workhorse duties and is running splendidly. It’s perfect for transporting the lovely patient.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking that I should sell my 1954 Ferguson tractor. Do I really need two tractors to farm one and a half acres? This old-vehicle indecision is doing my head in. Khany understands.

A magic little baby shares his name with Sonny Burgess and Sonny Boy Williamson. Cool. I’ve discovered a source of original Sun records. They’re not cheap, but I just can’t resist.