In the grey midwinter, a tawdry clinging cold pervades, yet spring heralds in the shape of brand new electric-green hawthorn leaves and feverish sparrow activity. The exquisite miniature deep red Hazel flowers are out, promising nuts later in the year as the catkins droop in record numbers. Our secret little wildlife corridor as ever brings new delights, surprises and lessons.

Working up to the fifteen minute journey takes immense effort in this soggy grey pall, but murmurings on the underground spur me on, reinforcing the value of my decades-long journey towards self-sufficiency within the harsh local climate.

I go most days and mix concrete for the dual projects of road-building from the track, and foundations and drains under the lean-to. I’m doing what I should have done as soon as I bought the field albeit painstaking slowly (I’m talking about 6 inches a mix). Namely making a road in from the rough track, so that I can get on with a vehicle in all weathers.

The road (now roughly three metres long) proved its worth in January, when I drove the Ferguson and tipping trailer round to Jimmy’s for a load of extremely well-rotted manure. Dave and Lisa helped. I can only describe it as an event of pure farming. Am I the farmer? Of course I …

Once the road is finished, I’ll be able to buy sand and chippings in 1 tonne bags, which will be much cheaper.


Early hawthorn leaves


Elsewhere, all the native wild flower seeds are planted (they like a cold snap to germinate) and I’ve started chillies in a heated windowsill propagator. 

I get quite excited when I see a video about growing biomass fuel from pollarded willow – that’s the sort of thing that I’d like to invest in. I have loads of goat willow in my hedge. It grows quickly and easily up there. Dewy is working on a big project to use locally felled trees for timber milled-to-order. I think these kinds of local projects will be of paramount importance if international supply chains do collapse.

A friend of mine works at the New Smithfield market in Manchester, which is the largest wholesale fruit and veg market in the northwest. He reckons that it’s around 50% quieter than usual, and that many lorries are driving direct from the ports to the recycling centre for Waste Transfer Notes in order to be able to claim insurance on their load. Their cargos are rotten due to the long Brexit delays.

He explains that the market mainly caters for small to medium enterprises, market traders and restaurants. This 50% decrease in trade at such a busy market, must surely translate to our own food supplies? 

Elsewhere, I hear an ex Black Rock employee warn of an imminent financial collapse and the only thing I’m regretting about the ranch is not developing it quicker, sooner (check out the Rabbit Hole section of this post if you don’t know the significance of Black Rock). I don’t know how to mitigate for a financial collapse, but I’m investigating. It’s scary.



February 1st 2022

… happens to fall on the first new moon of the lunar calendar = Chinese New Year. The pagan informs me that it’s also the Celtic festival of Imbolc, which falls half way between the winter and spring solstice. She has purchased green, white and red candles and plans an equivalent hippy cake. I think she secretly fancies herself as the goddess Brigid. As dusk draws, along with Eleanor and Sam, we light the stove and candles, eat the cake and drink a can of grapefruit-tinged beer. I do have a fascination with the traditions born from nature’s cycles.

In another world, I can honestly say that the 1st of Feb is one of the most significant days of my life. It’s the day when thousands of calm, measured healthcare professionals won a decisive battle against the foul, fetid, polished bannister knob Javid, forcing a U-turn on the unlawful and unethical mandates against NHS workers, who, already immune, with less risk of transmission than the fully-jabbed, chose not to accept a rushed, unlicensed medication.

Remember that he came into politics straight from dark, shady Deutche bank – the one that funded The Gestapo (more detail here). He is the least qualified on earth to determine our nation’s healthcare. The turning point came when ICU consultant Steve James challenged the Polished Knob on Sky TV, stating plainly and calmly that he wasn’t vaccinated because the evidence didn’t support it.

I did far less than many others, but I’m glad that I played a small part. I spoke out publicly and I helped a couple of junior nurses behind the scenes – poor sweet girls, sacrificing parts of their own lives to help others, living in utter misery, terror and uncertainty – crying through sleepless nights, fearing the destruction of their livelihoods.

Alas, it’s just one small battle, as already there are underhand plans to use other means to bring in mandates – most worryingly via proposed changes to The Human Rights Act. There are also Trusts unlawfully mandating jabs for new posts. Worldwide, the tyranny is far more advanced in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Austria and many other countries that we might previously naively thought of as liberal.




One day I had a blinding realisation of the significance of medical consent as the central pillar of ALL medical practice. I read the GMC’s and NHS England’s guidance and I had a moment of clear, irate indignation. I quickly searched for my mobile phone tripod clip so that I could make a video about it, but I couldn’t find it so I banged out a Twitter thread, based purely on the GMC’s and NHS’s own guidance on consent. I pointed out how utterly wrong it was for a manager to act as a colleague’s healthcare practitioner without their consent, in order to unlawfully coerce them into a medical treatment for which it is impossible to provide informed consent, due to lack of long-term safety data. The thread got a lot of attention and my modest Twitter following (@hartleysplot) quadrupled.

One story in particular induces a black rage. A non-clinical manager takes a nurse out of theatre during her shift, to tell her that if she doesn’t have her first jab by the 3rd of Feb, she will be sacked ( it’s not somewhere where I’ve worked).

It’s entirely appropriate that I’m not in that environment any more, because had it happened to one of my lovely nurse colleagues, I would have fucking crucified the arse. Yes, I know it’s wrong and I should be turning the hippy cheek, but I belong to the school of giving these bullying cunts a taste of their own medicine.

Birthday presents for a queen


I have more or less settled on my next book. It’s Lordoftheringsesque, using Celtic mythology and Native American terrain and culture. It’s brutal in places and I can use metaphor to describe the grisly fate of a shoal of bullies bearing no resemblance of course to the shower of shite fucking our lives.

I heard an anecdote a couple of weeks ago about a senior member of  a UK medical institution (who incidentally supports vaccine mandates). He was due to be on TV via video link and he said that he didn’t want to be filmed in front of the ubiquitous book case, because he had some German books from WW2. He then explained that he had a fascination with finding out what made German doctors join the Nazi party and commit the atrocities that they did.

Again, I reiterate that never once was I pressurised into having the jab by any of my wonderful colleagues. I left when I saw it coming, because I could not have been there without fighting it vehemently and it would have been unpleasant. I was the only doctor that I was aware of in my department (or in the hospital for that matter) not to have had the jab and it was a lonely position. Sadly four nursing colleagues I know were coerced into it against their personal choice. After leaving, I was able to help someone stand their ground against harassment whilst they were off work.

I’ve lost touch with my former colleagues now – they probably think I’m a complete loon. I would genuinely love to have a conversation and ask them face to face how they could possibly support a process that contravenes their own professional guidance? Surely silence equals endorsement? Don’t get me started on the ongoing horror of jabbing children with something that they don’t need. Nobody can possibly know how it might affect their developing immune systems. Tragically there are now children dying and suffering life-changing injuries after jabs = medical manslaughter and assault.


Foundations and drains


The Pandemic

…is effectively over in the UK at least, with hospital and intensive care admissions and deaths lower than the seasonal average for winter respiratory illnesses. The awful rise in cancers in younger age groups continues, highlighted particularly brutally with figures from the American military.

This preprint confirms the fears that I’ve had for some time regarding vaccine-related impaired T-cell function and innate immunity.

Thrombotic adverse events continue to rise, with more sudden deaths in athletes and a rise in upper limb thromboses – previously quite rare. There are also worrying increases in HIV infection – check out this Science article.

If someone posh-looking, wearing a suit knocked on your door and said

‘Sorry to bother you. Would you mind if I came in and stole half your possessions, destroyed your livelihood and prevented you from being with your loved ones when they were sick and dying?’ You would say no, yet this is precisely what they’ve done under our noses. Child poverty approaches 30% in the UK and swathes of low and middle income families will be cold this winter due to disgusting vast increases in energy prices, whilst the govt and their cronies have illegally profited billions from PPE and the pandemic. There comes a point when people will revolt. They’ve just had enough. In fact it’s happening worldwide, spear-headed by the Canadian truckers. Now there’s a trucker convoy heading to London. It’s just that we’re not seeing it on the MSM. We know that the revolution will not be televised.


Imbolc dusk


I shared a video by John Campbell, which covered a freedom of information request for the number of people dying with just Covid on their death certificates. The number was around 17000. I have to point out that this doesn’t mean that just 17000 people died of Covid. It’s an interesting figure, showing the virulence of Covid in killing a significant number of people with no co-morbidities. Many thousands more died who happened to have co-morbidities. If you take the over 80s age group a majority of them will have at least one co-morbidity such as high blood pressure, obesity or diabetes. These co-morbidities, mainly well-controlled will not necessarily kill the patient, but Covid most certainly did. Yes, there will always be some uncertainty over the actual numbers of Covid deaths, but there’s no doubt that there were many thousands.

Now it’s unequivocally clear from the massive increases in triple-jabbed Israel that the vaccines confer increased risk of catching Omicron. It’s becoming harder for people not to wake up.

I think I’m not the only one who has ‘gone back to school’ due to the pandemic, in terms of reading up on immunology, virology and vaccines. I’ve always talked about ‘fight it off at the door’ immunity which is the part of our immune system based in the nose and throat, which can destroy an invading virus before it gets into the sterile ‘inner body’. This John Campbell video with Professor Robert Clancy explains it perfectly.

Slow road


Down the Rabbit Hole

This week’s multi-billionaire focus of corruption is The Forum of Young Global Leaders started by the World Economic Fund’s Klaus Schwab in 2004. The list of alumni and people with connections is huge: David de Rothschild; Mark Zuckerberg; Emmanuel Macron; Jeff Bezos; Tony Blair; Richard Branson; Bill Gates; Angela Merkel; Vladimir Putin; Chrystia Freeland (Canadian deputy PM to Trudeau); Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia founder) and many many more in senior govt positions around the world.

These are the same people who are pushing the worldwide Covid and vaccine mandates agenda. The deeper you dig, the more sinister it becomes. It’s not difficult to join the dots to see a worldwide feudalist oligarchy who consider themselves superior to the ordinary people that they are destroying. It sounds loon-conspiratorial, yet all the information is out there. The deeper you go, the darker it becomes – pimps Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, the Bilderberg group and the numerous secret societies – freemasons; Rosicrucian’s; Skull and Bones; The Plymouth Brethren and so on.

The foul buffoon Johnson continues to lie and squirm in his desperate efforts to protect his position of power, using every smokescreen and trick in the book. Lies, lies and more lies and still he gets away with it. In different times, he would be atop a spike, minus his bloated carcass.

I confess to supreme political naiveté. I actually previously bigged-up Jacinda Ardern, but as the Young Global Leaders club shows she is just another one of ‘them’ as evidenced by the tyranny in NZ. It will be interesting to see what the Maoris do. Tyler turned to me when we were filming on Wednesday and said ‘Do you still support Jacinda Ardern? ‘No.’ I replied – ‘she’s just another ****.’ Yes. I was wrong. I was wrong about the timescale too, but doom-mongers on the street are saying that supply chains – food, fuel, energy, finances are about to collapse like a giant popped balloon. I hope they’re wrong.

Giving the bees fondant


Rock and Roll and family life

… are interchangeable. I use family as a broad term to include our tight little inner circle  of local households and our annexe in the place of my birth.

We experience a life-threatening emergency and the NHS is there when we need it. My gratitude is overwhelming and I briefly think that the best thing I can do to repay them is to go back – whosoever saveth a life and all that.

I learn with fascination that rye flower is good for sourdough starter so I use some of my own, making slow progress. Apparently, there are yeasts naturally present in the flour, which is rather exciting – rock hard on the outside and doughy on the inside is the initial result (no, it’s not a metaphor), but I have tips from a fellow rebel doctor for the next attempt. My cooking improves and I master dahl and chapatis.

After one particularly grey Saturday on the ranch, I fancy a change. Sam and I get a lift over to Tod with Rachel and we call for Tyler. A few bevs later and we head to The Lion, nine of us in total, the rest of them half my age – flattering really. I just manage to get the last train, after first walking to the bus station, before realising I’m at the wrong transport hub.

Another Saturday, we have an impromptu birthday gathering. It’s probably after midnight when I say to Tyler ‘Shall we bang out a few numbers?’ and we do. The drumkit, guitar amps and our little 8-track recording setup are permanent parts of the furniture. My favourite is a jazz jam, where Tyler resorts to a syncopated rhythm on a pot that happens to be on the windowsill whilst the bassist plays a funky grove on one of those fancy American basses with lots of switches and knobs for different sounds.

Gaz has bought a green screen, taking our video making up a notch – it means that we can superimpose footage onto the background – he’s found lots of Australian police heavy-handedness. We record and film a reworking of Insane for the Australian Sonny Michaels Show, which goes out on the 22nd Feb. Tyler bangs down the drum track in a single take. I wrote a new set of lyrics to reflect the situation in parts of Oz.

Once again, I have been drawn to listening to folk music. At the party, Tyler mentioned Liam Weldon’s Dark Horse on The Wind as one of his favourite songs and BBC 6 music played some one morning including Ann Briggs’ Blackwaterside which I liked. One of England’s biggest folk dynasties perhaps centres around Martin Carthy, Norma Waterson and their family. Norma sadly died a couple of weeks ago and someone put up an exquisite vid of the Waterson family singing Some Old Salty around the kitchen table which is a real skin-tingler. I saw another clip of Norma explaining how folk music is rebel music.

Inspired, I instantly wrote a folk song about bullying of NHS workers. Sweetness automatically shites over anything creative that I do, but on this occasion, she was hooting with laughter in the kitchen at my folk-singing attempts, which is a good sign.

When the bullies have gathered against you
And everything seems lost
Do not despair, for there I’ll be
Kicking them all in the teeth

I will hold you up when you’re about to fall
I’ll pick you up when you’re down
I’ll stitch you back together again
And I’ll take you to magic town

Some come ye brave healthcare workers
You stood up to the tyrants and won
They broke their professional promises
Whilst you stood true to yours

It’s important to remember to have as much fun as possible whilst we still can – family is everything.