Hartley's Plot

A small allotment became a smallholding when the acre field next door came up for sale. During years of scrabbling on a rugged clay hillside, the pound has halved in value and food has doubled in cost.

People are becoming more and more savvy about trying to avoid pesticides and other poisons. Moving towards a plant-based diet is a growing revolution.

This is all about integrating clean food growing into an everyday urban lifestyle. Art, Rock & Roll, permaculture and so on are all inter-linking pieces of the jigsaw.

Coming up

Playing at The Eagle, Salford

Stephen John Hartley gigs

DJing: Colne R&B festival, Tapster’s bar 3-4pm playing mostly hard-edged R&B & soul.

Gigs with 3-piece band: Sun 8th September – Forts Arms, Clayton. Mon 9th Sept – Bacup (both with Danbert Nobacon).

The story so far ...

The story so far … first edition of the first book

Painting Snails - the album accompanying the book

The album accompanying the book