Organic gardening, Punk Rock and Emergency Medicine

Notsensibles guitarist and Emergency Medicine doctor Stephen Hartley, uses the annual cycle of his rugged hillside organic smallholding as a framework for his wry observations in the shape of his regular

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With searing vernacular wit, he uses universal themes in a contemporary context. In an ever unfolding story, he weaves in tales of: running a record label; working in an Emergency Department; Notsensibles; woodlock and letterpress printing; building guitar amps, running an old Ferguson tractor and a VW van and more.

During the pandemic, he’s used his front line experience to scathingly expose the UK government’s appalling handling of the situation and to try and impartially evaluate the torrent of science.

His early blogs became Painting Snails a beautifully illustrated compassionate account of his family life, his fierce determination and his struggle to get into medical school against incredible odds. Always dancing to a different tune, the book is a triumph of the DIY punk ethic.


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